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Oats belong to the family of spelt grains and must be shelled. Hulless oats is a spelt-free culture.

Oats are a rich source of energy which will increase physical strength and mental receptiveness. It is rich in chemical elements and silicic acidand therefore has a positive effect on both hair and skin.

Oats have a very high fat content and are an excellent source of protein. Its content of vitamin B1 is about 20 % higher than with other sorts of grain and after processing to flakes its B1 content remains unchanged for up to 80 %.

At the same time oats also have a high content of calcium and iron.

Oats are of utmost importance for the formation of bones, teeth and blood. It plays an ideal role in dietary nutrition, baby food and also as a source of mild diet during periods of stomach and intestinal discomfort.


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