Hand-operated Grain Mill Model MH 4 (Natural Stone)

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MH 4 – alternatively available with corundum-ceramic

Our hand-operated mills with granite mill-stones have for decades been offering good services to many of the so-called poor countries in the world.


This hand mill with its solid construction, good fastening device and its quick and easy handling offers a real alternative where no electric power is available. This means that you can still enjoy your high qualityflour and Müsli, for example in mountain huts, on boats, in your holiday homes or when camping.

The housing is made through and through of solid, hard beech-wood. 


The natural milling stone made of granite, perfectly formed by nature, absolutely non-synthetic, together with the low milling speed of hand-operation makes sure that your flour is processed in the gentlest possible way and is the perfect combination of abrasion resistance, hardness and stability, for long-life milling.



technical data:
Weight: 3,5 kg
Height: 16 cm without handle
Diameter of surface space: 22 cm
Funnel capacity: 300 g
Milling capacity fine: 40 g/min
Millin g capacity coarse: 80 g/min
Diameter of mill-stone: 12 cm
Mill-stone: granite
Warrenty: 12 years

1 review for Hand-operated Grain Mill Model MH 4 (Natural Stone)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent service, excellent product

    I had the best experience in buying my hand grain mill (NH4 in natural stone) from Christine Turner. It all started with a search on Google for a hand mill, whereby I viewed different websites. Most of them were dealers, like web shops but when I viewed Agrisan web-site it was a real small scale company and I was fascinated to read about the history behind their mills. I realised it was something special, not a mass produced gadget made in china, but a product with a history and a soul made in Austria. I dropped an e-mail to Christine, if they ship in Denmark, where I live. No problem was the reply and so I bought it without hesitation.
    I mill two types of grain once a week, durum for pasta end pizza and øllandshvede (an ancient grain) for bread. The quality is far superiour than normal flour. One can actually taste the aroma of the grain in the bread and the dough is generally softer to work with then normal flour (compared with the same amount of water).
    Since I bake twice a week, and grains can be stored for a far much longer time than flour, I bought a 12,5 Kg sack for each of the two grains I use at a bargain price, which allows me to save money on the flour, money that will repay the cost of the mill. It is really an investment not a purchase.
    Renato B.

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