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We only use technically fully-developed special industrial motors for the construction of our grain mills.

The features of these motors are:hochwertige-industrie-motoren-fuer-getreidemuehlen-von-agrisan-oesterreich

  • No wear parts, so maintenance-free
  • Thick coiling with the best possible isolation makes the motor especially robust and durable.
  • Generously designed ball bearings (balance the extreme forces which arise during the milling process).
  • Quiet operation
  • Ventilation slits in the housing guarantee good heat conduction.
  • The integrated coiling protector protects against expensive damage caused by over-heating.

Depending on the type of grain mill the size of the motor is exactly co-ordinated  to the size of the mill-stones. This results in reduced energy consumption.
You can save expensive energy!

Motors from 360 Watts can be especially recommended for hard grain kernels (e.g. corn).

The industrial motors which we use are pleasantly quiet when milling, are robust and both disturbance- and maintenance-free.

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