I am Berti – Mouse of the Salzburg Grainmills

I am Berti

I am BertiHello, may I introduce myself?

I am Berti – Mouse of the Salzburger Grainmills

Wherever there is some gossip, if here in Salzburg or somewhere in the outside world-

I am totally involved.

And I think, that might awake your interest as well.

I am writing about all the exciting stuff that happens in my adventurous mouse world.

I will let you know what makes me happy, angry, amazed and let you into my deepest mouse secrets.

My favorite hobby is baking and cooking. Therefore I will regularly provide my best and newest recipes. As healthy food and seasonal ingredients are important to me, of course I also tailor my recipes accordingly.

Berti keeps you up to date and shares his delicious recipes with you!

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