Welcome to our Salzburger grain mills 2019-02-05T15:48:39+00:00

Welcome to our Salzburger grain mills!
Milling according to old tradition and love of nature

As a down-to-earth family business

our art lies in the construction of our mills
thanks to solid craftsmanship,
we take pleasure in detailed and caring with joy to detail and loving manufacture,
based on the ancient knowledge of the values of natural materials.

For the processing of household grain we construct household mills for use of more than generation.

Salzburg grain mills with natural milling stone

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Our Offer

Salzburger Grain Mill Carina
Instead € 559,00 only € 399,00

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Further information worth knowing for the use of a flour mill,

the equipment and the benefits of using a flour mill.

White flour is produced when grains are finely ground in an industrial flour mill and the husks of the grain are filtered out. This leaves only pure starch (carbohydrates), meaning the minerals …

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